Direttore Sanitario: Piero Fenu, MD
E-mail: piero.fenu[at]ircc.it
Phone. +39.011.9933618


The head of the department of clinical services participates in the strategic planning process and contributes, with the formulation of proposals and opinions, to hospital management. He directs health services and is responsible for hygiene and prevention (hospital infection control and environmental hygiene). The clinical service office monitors the appropriateness of admissions, the hospital stay lenghts, the average weight of the so called ‘case mix’ and supervises the waiting list. He coordinates with the Operation Department the proper use of spaces and the timely flow of goods and services. The clinical service office: (i) is in charge of the control of the fulfillement of results obtained within the assigned objectives; (ii) coordinates the facilities of the hospital including the provision of appropriate protocols; (iii) defines strategies and guidelines for extraordinary and/or urgent intervention; (iv) advises on building planning regarding further hospital expansion; (v) Supervises the ‘conventional’ agreements and the related relations with the University.