Giorgio Valabrega, M.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Torino School of Medicine
Phone. +39.011.9933250



Giorgio Valabrega
Relapsed, Homologous Recombination Deficient (HRD+) HGS EOCs largely benefit from treatment with PARP inhibitors such as olaparib. However, at best, median Progression Free Survival (PFS) is 11.4 months. The clinical management of resistant cancers clearly represents a medical unmet need. Recently, it was demonstrated an important role of MET in resistance to PARP inhibition in HRD+ breast cancers. This project is composed of two distinct tasks: 1) a) assessment of MET status in HRD+ human HGS EOC cell lines and PDXs; b) assessment of the activity of MET inhibitors to overcome primary and acquired resistance to PARPi; 2) assessment of correlations between MET gene/protein alterations and clinical outcome in patients treated with PARP inhibitors.

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