Giovanni Galatola, M.D.
Phone. +39.011.9933410
Giovanni Galatola
The Gastroenterology Unit at the IRCC is a dedicated provider of a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures for the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, and is involved in the clinical care of patients with chronic viral hepatitis and those with gastrointestinal disorders in the medical oncology setting. The attention is focused on maintaining a high standard in the quality of care and procedures, supported by the availability of state-of-the-art instruments. The Unit has a major commitment to clinical research in addition to its clinical activity, mainly focused on the prevention and endoscopic treatment of colorectal neoplastic lesion. A long standing and productive research collaboration with the Radiology Unit at IRCC has resulted in the publication of several important studies on the optimal use of colonoscopy and virtual colonoscopy, which form a mutual diagnostic complement to each other for diagnosing and treating patients with a whole range of colorectal neoplasia, either benign or malignant. This research experience is now translated into the routine clinical practice of the Unit in an effort to provide optimal diagnostic and therapeutic strategies individualized for each patient. The Unit continues its collaboration also with the pathology and basic research labs and clinical oncology in the effort of identifying therapeutic strategies targeted according to different genetic expression of rectal cancer.