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Dottorato in Medicina Molecolare dell'Università di Torino
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ex-Indirizzo di Scienze e Tecnologie Cellulari, presso Istituto di Candiolo

Training objectives and research activities

This PhD Programme at the Candiolo Cancer Institute is dedicated to studying the mechanisms that control cell proliferation and differentiation, as well as to develop new technologies to address specific biomedical issues. From these main themes, specific topics will be expanded in the fields of:
Identification and molecular engineering of growth and/or differentiation factors, and their receptors.
Understanding molecular mechanisms controlling proliferation and cell differentiation.
Functional genomics.
In vitro, ex vivo e in vivo cell modification in an aim to interfere with cell phenotypes.
Study of phenotype and genetic alterations associated to neoplastic transformation.
Molecular analysis of cancer genomes.
The research in the program exploits a spectrum of technological approaches: from protein biochemistry to recombinant DNA, from cell biology in cultured cells to animal models, from human genetics to transgenic mice, from advanced cell imaging to lentiviral-mediated gene transfer and therapy.

Training programme

The Programme aims at overcoming the barriers between basic and applied research. Both basic and clinical research departments are hosted at the Candiolo Cancer Institute, which allows fruitful cultural interchange and fostering of a translational perspective.
The programme lasts four years. Students take part in seminars held by lecturers, colleagues, and international experts. Practical activities are preferential to theoretical courses. Training and experimental work is carried out under tutor guidance and, from the II° year, the students are assigned an individual research topic. PhD students are required to give periodic reports on their research activities.
Seminars are normally held in English. Many research topics are approached within the framework of collaboration with international scientific institutions. Training periods in foreign laboratories are expected, as well as attendance to international scientific meetings. Dissertations of students accomplishing the degree must report results published in high profile international journals.

We are presently selecting candidates for the programme starting in Oct 2016

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College of PhD Supervisors:
DI RENZO Maria Flavia, MD, PhD
GIORDANO Silvia, MD, PhD (coordinator)