Coordinator: M.Aglietta, MD
Full Professor
University of Torino School of Medicine


Clinical research is done through clinical trials, in which new treatments – drugs, diagnostic procedures– are tested in patients to determine if they are safe and effective. The same applies to new type of radiotherapies or new surgical procedures. Such trials help scientists to answer questions about new cancer therapies, including: (i) what diseases should they be used for; (ii) what doses of new drugs are most effective, and (iii)which patients can benefit the most from them. At IRCC, patients are treated with the most advanced current standard of care, but are also offered the possibility of volunteering for a clinical trial. Before any clinical trial begins it must be approved by the Ethical Committee (EC),which includes external researchers, physicians and lawyers. The EC considers whether proposed studies are safe and well planned and whether they will ultimately advance patient care. It also reviews studies to ensure patients are adequately informed about the risks of participating in clinical research. In all studies, the health of each patient is closely monitored during the course of the trial.